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Preferential Admission

Physically and Mentally Disabled Visitors and one of their guardians are free to visit with ID card shown.

Service For Hard Of Hearing Visitors

We offer sign language tour guide for hard of hearing visitors. Please book a reservation 5 days in advance. To make a reservation, please download and fill out the application of sign language tour. Fax, mail or e-mail us for tour arrangement.

Service For Disabled Visitors

◆ Disabled Private Parking ◆

There are disabled private parking outside of Wenhwa Hall. Please ask our staff for guidance.

◆ Disabled Ramp ◆

  1. There is disabled ramp at the door of Wenhwa Hall for disabled visitors.
  2. Traffic flow of Exhibitions open for visitors on each floor are barriers free with disabled ramp.

◆ Private Elevator For Disabled Visitors ◆

There are private elevators for disabled visitors at the Round Hall on first floor and the hallway of Wenhwa Hall.

◆ Accessible Toilet (equipped with service bells ) ◆

Accessible toilets are available on every floor. You will see signs on every floor in front of the elevator.

◆ Service Bell ◆

At the access lane in front of main entrance doorway, the disabled ramp at the door of Wenhwa Hall, and accessible toilets on every floor are equipped with service bells. Our staff will help you once the bell is rung.

◆ Wheelchair ◆

One wheelchair is available to borrow for your visit at the security unit of the main entrance.

◆ Wheelchair Auditorium Seat ◆

Wenhwa Hall is equipped with wheelchair auditorium seats.