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APP Introduction

Beauty of Chungshan hall

Beauty of Chungshan hall

To provide visitors better service of more special tours and more flexible visit schedule, Chungshan hall has launched the APP of “Beauty of Chungshan hall”.

There are audio guidance and fine pictures of 40 exhibits. Besides, unique frames of Chungshan hall are also available. You’ll be able to experience the beauty of Chungshan hall before your visit. After your visit, you can also use the polaroid function of the APP and build yourself an unforgettable memory.

Come and experience the trip to Chungshan hall in Yang Ming Mountain.

Features of our APP

  1. Multiple ways of tour guide, it designs the best tour traffic flow for the user.
    • Photo Wall Tour: Visitors can browse virtual images.
    • QR Code Tour: Scan the sticker at attractions, you’ll have immediate tour guide.
    • Serial Number Tour: Look up for information according to the number.
  2. Audio Tour: We offer slide film to introduce artworks as if you have a professional guide by you.
  3. Share your polaroid photos on social networking sites.
  4. Directions and Transportation
  5. We offer tours in Chinese, English and Japanese.
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Chungshan hall Android APP


Chungshan hall is a 34-meter-tall building.It is built based on the art of Chinese Palatial Architecture.Besides, it’s built against the mountain and arranged by the slope of mountain. Tier upon tier of the building is covered with green glazed roof tiles.The overhanging eaves are like eagles with spread wings, so lively and vivid.Red eaves and white walls make the building particularly spectacular.At the square in front of the building stands a tall stalwart archway. Dr. Sun Yet-Sen’s calligraphy works “The World is a Commonwealth.” are engraved on the front side and “the Great Principle prevails” are on the back.His calligraphy writings are free and magnificent.It forms solemn quiet atmosphere along with the green pine trees and Chinese guardian lions.Chungshan hall is pictured in the back of the 100 New Taiwan Dollar bill.The augmented reality interaction design of the APP brings you splendid fun.Scan the picture in the back of a 100 NTD Bill with the function in the APP. You will be able to experience the beauty of Chungshan hall

◆ Download Link ◆
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