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Opening Hours

1.Monday to Sunday:10:00AM,2:00PM


   (1)We close on electromechanical maintenance day, site rental day, National Holidays as well as scheduled closed days
   (2)At times of natural disasters (such as typhoons and earthquakes) resulting in subsequent announcement of cancelled workday(s), the library will also be closed


Visit Notice

  1. Please confirm if the library is open on your scheduled visit date before you book your reservation by calling us or visit our website.
  2. No smoking and pets (excluding guide dogs) allowed in the building. Except designated dining area, food and drinks are prohibited.
  3. Please follow the tour guide at all time during your visit. To avoid missing any wonderful tour, do not walk around individually. Please keep your voice low in the building. No running or playing in the building. Do not walk in the unopened area or touch exhibits.

Individual Visitor or Groups under 10 people

You may join the tour at our scheduled tour time . Please purchase the ticket at least 10 minutes before the tour and enter the building.

Group Reservation

Book Online for Group Tour

For providing the best quality of the tour, groups of 10 need to book reservations online and download group visit application forms at least 5 days in advance. Fax the application to us for tour arrangement.

Tours in Japanese and English are only available for groups of 10 or more. Please book a reservation a week in advance. We'll have Japanese or English tour guide arranged.


1.General Admission: NT$ 100 (Adults)

2.Group Admission: NT$80 (Group of 10 or more)

3.Free Admission: (R.O.C citizens only)

   (1)Physically or mentally disabled persons and one guardian each (relevant document required)
   (2)Children under 6 (ID identification required)
   (3)Seniors over 65 (ID identification required,Monday to Friday only)
   (4)Civil servant observation visit (Official approval required)
   (5)Senior Volunteers (Valid credential required)
   (6)Visitors that are allowed to enter without admission fee according to other relevant laws and regulations