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Government Website Copyright Announcement

Authorization and the Range:
  • In order to facilitate the public to better utilize the website information, all the information and materials state on the website of Yangmingshan Chungshan Hall Management Office are subject of copyright pursuant to provisions of the Copyright Act. Information on this Website may be duplicated for non-profit and non-exclusive purposes of public access. Users may reproduce, adapt, edit, publicly transmit, or use the information in any ways to develop any kinds of products or services (as known as derivations) without time or region limitation. This authorization will not be retracted hereafter, and the users do not have to acquire any written or other methods of authorization from the Administration. However, users are required to state the source of the information.
Information of Related Items:
  • The authorized scope covers only the scope protected under copyright, but not other intellectual property rights which include, but not limited to, the provision of patents, trademarks or administration’s logo.
  • For the collection, handling and use of personal information made available by the party involved on its own or as legally required, the user shall develop and implement legally required response measure(s) according to the Personal Information Protection Act. Whether the party’s actively publicized or legally required publicized personal information can be collected, processed, utilized or not, the user must follow the related provisions based on the Personal Information Protection Act, as well as plan to execute the related measures required by law.
  • Part of the photos, musical scores, contracted project writings or other works that are specifically stated by the administration shall be used only with the approval of the administration.
Please note that moral rights of any third party should not be violated, including the right of attribution and the right of integrity.

The use of authorized information and materials shall not involve malicious change of any information. For the inconsistency of displayed data with the original information and material, the liability, civil and criminal, shall be borne by the user. To use authorized information and materials of the website, the users shall not make malicious changes on related information. If the display data is inconsistent with the original data and material after use, the users will need to bear civil liability and crime liability.

The authorization of the website does not grant the user the position to recommend, recognize or approve his value-added derivations on behalf of the administration. The authorization of the website does not mean that the authorities confer the users the right to represent the authorities’opinions, approval or agreement with the status of the users’derivations.